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Piano Rental

Renting a piano

You, or your child, want to learn how to play the piano? That’s great! But are you sure you want to make a long-term investment before you know you will stick to your plan? If you are uncertain about buying a piano, you have the chance to rent one first.

Renting with the option to purchase

You can rent a piano from as little as 45.00 € a month. Additional one-off costs will apply for transportation and the initial tuning of the instrument.
Should you decide to buy one of our pianos while you are renting an instrument, we will exchange the rental piano against the one you are buying, and tune the new piano at no cost to you. As part of your payment we will accept the amount of up to nine monthly rents that have been paid in advance.

Opting for a follow-up financing?

No problem. You will get the confirmation from the bank within five minutes.

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