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Upright Pianos

From upright pianos for beginners to concert pianos for professionals
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Grand Pianos

Baby Grands, Salon Grands and Concert Grands of various brands and at different price levels
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Piano benches, piano lights, piano coasters, metronomes, etc.
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Special Offers

Reduced prices for upright and grand pianos, ex-rental pianos, etc.
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Uprights, grands, or harpsichords ...


At our Dresden store (suburb of Weißer Hirsch), we offer a wide selection of mainly pre-owned and very well-kept instruments. In our showroom you get the chance to experience the look and feel of our pianos first-hand. All instruments have been thoroughly checked, repaired or completely rebuilt in our own workshop.

That means, you get top quality at fair prices! Plus, all our instruments come with a five-year warranty.

Should any instrument not completely fulfil your requirements, you have the right to exchange it for another one of equal or higher value within the first two years of purchase. There will be no deductions from your original amount of purchase.